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Watch your back before pain gets your back!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Back pain is the most famed chronic condition of them all being the leading cause of disability in America. The back is a remarkable structure bridging the shoulder griddle with the pelvis via the vertebral column forming the basis of postural alignment. So, you have pain in this area, and where do you begin? Well first we must understand the anatomy of this region so that we may appropriately map out the back.

The back is a layering of muscle groups and is broken into two sections midback aka thoracic section and low back aka lumbar section. The mid back is formed by the Thoracic rib cage, spinal cord C7-T10, and a set of shoulder blades also known as the scapula. The low back is comprised of the spinal column T-11-the whole lumbar vertebral section and the sacrum sandwich between your two pelvic bones. The back has:

Over 18 muscles

  • trapezius

  • teres major

  • Serratus posterior superior

  • rhomboids minor

  • subscapularis

  • levator scapula

  • rhomboids major

  • Infraspinatus

  • spinalis capitis

  • latissimus dorsi

  • Erector spinae group ESG

  • spinalis cervicis

  • supraspinatus

  • quadratus lumborum

  • teres minor

  • Serratus posterior inferior

Affecting 5 different kinds of joints

  • Vertebral facet joints

  • Scapular Thoracic joint

  • Sacroiliac joint

  • Lumbosacral joint

  • costovertebral joints

Producing 8 core actions

  • Vertebral Extension

  • Trunk Lateral Flexion

  • Upper Appendage External Rotation

  • Scapular Retraction

  • Upper Appendage

  • Internal Rotation

  • Scapular Elevation

  • Trunk Rotation

  • Scapular Depression

Utilizing this understanding of the inner workings of our back tissues, our therapist identifies the fascial trail, muscle fiber direction, and muscle tone characteristics of each client, providing manual therapy to resolve postural and movement discrepancies while simultaneously reducing pain and facilitating relaxation. With the back being a huge contributor to upright posture all sitting, standing, walking and sleeping positions have a direct impact on some portion of the back creating many opportunities to endure back pain through over exertion and strain. Massage is a key player for maintaining proper muscular tension, voiding trigger points and knots.

We here at Jade Oasis Wellness strive to deliver high quality treatment and customer service to reduce your stress so that you may regain your focus.

Call us at 425-679-6198 or go to to book your appointment today.

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