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Understanding our Bodies: The flow of Qi and the Meridians

Have you ever had days where you had boundless energy? You zip through your day, bouncing from one task to the next, only to have no energy in the following days or perhaps, a few weeks at a time? There's a good chance that your Qi (pronounced 'chee') is out of balance.

What exactly is Qi? It is the universal life force of the body; the vital energy that keeps us happy and healthy. Qi is something that we are born with and is replenished when we live our lives in the most basic sense, like breathing, moving, and eating. Qi is in a constant state of movement, and it can neither be created, nor destroyed. It only flows through energy channels in our body.

However, when our body is in a state of disharmony, an Excess or Deficiency is in effect. Think of these terms as a sliding scale, and when balanced perfectly, harmony is achieved. Depending on our environment, our physical wellness, or even our mental wellbeing, the scale can be tipped in either direction, creating disruptions and blockages. This means that there is the presence of too much, relative to our needs, that is detrimental to our Qi (Excess). Or there is a specific lack of one or more of the manifestations of Qi in our body that sustains life (Deficiency). So, what does this mean exactly? Let's break it down.

Here are some factors that can influence our Qi to cause Excess:

  • The presence of pollution or chemicals

  • Excessive emotions (such as intense anger, fear, sadness, or even joy)

  • Overthinking

  • Excessive exercise and/or physical activity

On the other end of our scale, there is Deficiency:

  • The insufficiency of needs nurture us, such as: love, shelter, physical/mental stimulation, and warmth

If reading these makes you worry, fear not. While imbalance can be inevitable, it is completely possible to bring your Qi back into harmony.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, also known as TCM, is the key to harmonized Qi. Through the guidance of a TCM practitioner and practice of meditation, yoga, and cultivation of a tranquil mind, balanced Qi is achievable. A TCM practitioner can guide the energy through the pathways within your body, erasing blockage by the root.

The energy pathways, otherwise known as Meridians, flow throughout the body. Energy is delivered through these channels, sending our Qi from place to place. It is generally understood that there are fourteen main meridians. One of which extends through the center of the body on the front and another that runs along the spine.  The other meridians people are most familiar with are ones that correspond with specific major organs. A TCM practitioner may use acupressure, massage techniques, dermal friction, and other forms of therapy to balance the Qi within the body.

Here at Jade Oasis Wellness, we have therapists that practice TCM and can get your system back in harmony! Experience the feeling of your Qi in balance with one of our many skilled Massage Therapists.

To book your own message and begin your journey with Qi, schedule here to get started!

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