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Suffering from Holiday Burnout? Massage Therapy Can Help!

Updated: Mar 4

A woman suffering a mental health crisis from burnout, which massage therapy can help treat

The holiday season that runs from early November to the beginning of January is widely celebrated by many different groups of people. It's such a special, but also incredibly stressful few months. Many find themselves exhausted before the festivities even start, knowing they have to plan and execute all the celebrations. Coupled with everyday tasks, your stress load can double overnight. High levels of stress can then lead to burnout.

According to this article from Harvard Medical School, "Because the holiday season often requires us to keep track of and pay attention to a greater number of responsibilities than usual, the brain’s prefrontal cortex goes into overdrive". Your brain is literally functionining differently than usual in order to comabt the elevated stress levels that comes with the often over-committment of holiday activities.

If not managed correctly, you'll start to see signs of burnout early on. These signs can include increased fatigue, mood swings, insomnia, frustration and irritability, decrease in appetite, and a weakened immune system.

Massage therapy can help combat burnout! It helps you re-center your body and mind. Massage therapy has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, improve the immune system, lower your heart rate and blood pressure, help you sleep better, and reduce muscle pain and tension. These benefits make massage therapy burnout's worst nightmare!

A holiday discount for massage therapy gift cards at Jade Oasis Wellness

At Jade Oasis Wellness, our massage therapists are equipped to help you feel your best! Let us help get rid of your burnout so you can enjoy the holidays! Have a friend or family member stuck in the same boat? Give the gift of wellness with our gift certificates! Click on the image to the left to guarantee a great gift this holiday season!

To book your own massage, click here or give us a call at 435-679-6198! Remember - pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional!

Happy Holidays from Jade Oasis Wellness!

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