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Aftercare Tips to Help Your Massage Feeling Last All Day!

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

No one can argue that the post-massage feeling is heavenly. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to help make that feeling last all day!

Massage Therapy in Bellevue, WA

Stay Hydrated!

- Drinking water after a massage helps the body flush away the built-up toxins that get released into the body's circulation during the massage. Once the toxins are removed, you'll feel refreshed and rejuvenated!

Eat a Healthy Meal!

- Most people don't like to eat a large meal before their massage, as it can cause the stomach to start digesting (sometimes loudly!) in the middle of your massage. Having a healthy snack afterwards can boost your energy levels, as well as raise your blood pressure. Take care not to overeat!

Nap Time!

- The massage process is about healing and re-energizing. Sleep is one of the best tools in our arsenal. The body needs time to restore itself. If you aren't able to catch a quick nap after your massage, no biggie! Simply find someplace quiet and let your body be. Your body is already relaxed, and many find that post-massage sleep is unlike normal rest.

Book Your Next Appointment!

- Massage is similar to exercise. Often, you will see results after multiple sessions. In order to be consistent and feel your best, keep to a schedule! Even though the difference is palpable after just one session, your body will feel the real difference after multiple sessions. This is also extremely beneficial for long term health and wellness. It's all about teaching the body to heal itself!

At Jade Oasis Wellness, our therapists are trained to cater to each individual's needs. Whether it's setting up a treatment plan, finding a trigger point, or discussing health goals - our therapists can do it all!

Remember - Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional! Give us a call at 425-679-6198 or book online so we can help you feel your best!

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