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Stones That Heal!

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

The all too popular line “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” has been called under scrutiny these past few years. As these words have taken on a different effect, massage therapists have repurposed the stone for incredible therapeutic purposes. The hot stone treatment has been in practice for thousands of years.

What exactly is hot stone and what effects can a session bring? The heating of smooth stones is the preparation, while the contact placement and gliding is the implementation. The soothing heat dilates the vascular system by hydrating the tissues with blood full of nutrients while simultaneously flushing out the metabolic waste left behind by cellular activity. Furthermore, fascial adhesions become less compacted as they melt while tense tight muscles are relieved, decreasing pain and spasms. The warming qualities of the stones allows an individual to seek deep into the parasympathetic nervous system, aiding the rehabilitation process and decreasing stress.

Hot stone massage in Bellevue, WA

Hot stones can play a key role in trigger point resolvent, increasing movement restrictions, hypertonic muscle release, and in resolving adhesions. Apart from its many benefits, hot stone therapy is a relaxation paradise that allows tension and stress to melt away.

Here at Jade Oasis Wellness, we utilize a very special type of stone to accomplish our work- Himalayan Salt Stones containing 84 naturally occurring minerals. These stones provide a detoxification effect due to the gentle exfoliation of the skin and the negative ions it gives off.

Shopping for another? No problem! We have gift cards that fit any occasion. As always, we are here to reduce your stress so that you may regain your focus.

Remember- Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional! To experience one of these amazing sessions, call 425-679-6198 or book online at to schedule your appointment.

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