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Involved in a vehicle accident?! Why your treatment plan needs massage!

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Accidents can strike at any given moment especially on the road. An estimated 38,800 people will lose their lives to car crashes and about 4.4 million people will be seriously injured enough to require medical attention a year. This number is joined by even more people who experience bumper to bumper impacts and opt out of reporting and never seeking medical attention. This environment produces the need for manual muscular therapy and all its wonderful modalities to rehabilitate and rebalance the body.

In high impact incidents such as a car crash the force of a collision produces strained tension and stressed contraction as the body attempts to restore equilibrium and stability in a destabilized event. These forces spread throughout the body potentially causing sprained ligaments, strains, hypertonicity and spasm to muscles. These conditions restrict range of motion, stiffen posture, formulates knots, restrict circulation of blood and lymph. Over time more severe muscle imbalances take form causing chronic neck, shoulder, back, thoracic, pelvic, and knee pain.

Massage comes equipped to scan the body mapping out tension, stress points, and fascial restrictions matching these issues with the appropriate style or tool to rejuvenate, decompress, and restore balance. These processes rid pain, relieve trigger points, reduce adhesions, detox metabolic waste, increase range of motion and circulation promoting rehabilitation.

Jade Oasis has the experience, training, and tools to appropriately care for muscular and skeletal auto injuries with the availability to implement a complete treatment plan. No Insurance, don’t let that stop you as we have packages and plans that can suit your budget! Allow Jade Oasis Wellness to reduce your stress so that you may regain your focus.

Call 425-679-6198 or visit our website at for appointment booking.

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